Develop and grow the water safety skills that can save a life and help you to live life around water to the fullest.

Each level develops different skills from swimming technique to safe exits and entries, floating and re-surfacing. Swimming Lessons will develop your child’s understanding of water environments and the capabilities they have within those environments.

Get started with two lessons free. Available to new enrolments from Monday, 16 January to Tuesday, 31 January 2023.



To get started please choose one of the following contact options:

  • Enrol Online (detailed guide below)
    1. Create Responsible Person/Guest Account
    2. Add Student
    3. Complete Assessment
    4. Choose your day and time for your assigned level. 
  • Visit the Centre at 443 Morphett Road Oaklands Park
  • Call us on 8198 0198.

Not ready to enrol? Enquire below.


  • Leisure Swimming and Splash Park access outside of lesson times
  • We are registered with the $100 Sports Voucher Initiative. Claim $100 credit on Swimming Lessons. Visit for details
  • Dedicated Safety Weeks, twice a year, teaching skills beyond the pool
  • Regular feedback on your child's progress
  • Make-up lessons for public holidays and the unpredictability of life
  • Our nationally accredited swimming teachers are great at making lessons a fun and rewarding learning experience.
  • Swimming Lessons - How to enrol online

    To enrol your child or someone who you are a guardian for:

    1. Create Responsible Person/Guest Account
      • Visit the online customer portal
      • Select 'Swimming Lessons'
      • Select 'Create Free Guest Account'
      • Select 'Next'
      • Complete your (the responsible parent/guardian) details.
      • Select 'Create account'
      • Select 'Customer portal' to be taken to the Swimming Lessons timetable
    2. Add a Student
      • You should be automatically directed to the Swimming Lessons timetable. If you cannot see the timetable select 'Book' and 'Swimming Lessons'
      • In the top right select the 'Add a student'
      • Complete the student details.
    3. Determine your level (students must complete a level assessment to enrol in a day and time)
      • Select the Swimming Lessons Category to start the self-assessment 
      • Answer questions
      • Your level will be assigned
      • Select 'Next' to receive confirmation that you student account has been created.
      • Select 'Select day and time' to be taken to the Swimming Lessons timetable for your allocated level.
    4. Enrol into your class day and time
      • Search and select your class day and time. These will be filtered to your allocated level
      • Select 'enrol now'
      • In the pop-up window, select 'enrol now' for the student you wish to enrol in this class.
    5. Make payment
      • Select your payment plan
      • Complete the agreement of terms and conditions
      • Select your preferred payment method (bank details or credit card/debit card) for your contract and select 'next'.

    Payment Methods

    Please note, these details you enter will be linked to your contract for all future payments. You can change your payment details in the future using your online customer portal

    Bank details

    • Enter your bank details.
    • You will be taken to the payment gateway to make your initial payment which will need to be made by a credit/debit card.
    • Make payment.

    Credit/debit card

    • Enter your credit/debit card details.
    • Make payment.
    • Contract confirmation.

    You will receive an email confirming that you are now a member with your contract attached.

    Visit us to collect your membership access card and ask us any questions you may have.




    (1)  This ‘A Skill for Life’ (Promotion) is offered by the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre (Promoter), managed by YMCA Victoria on behalf of the Government of South Australia.

    a. to be eligible to the two free swimming lessons:

    i. you must not have an existing booking or membership with YMCA Swimming Lessons at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre. Bookings that are organised prior to or after the Promotional Period are not entitled to receive The Offer.

    ii. you must become a YMCA Swimming Lessons Member at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre and commit to a minimum period of 8 weeks of membership.

    iii. you must not have had a valid active program membership contract within the last 6 weeks.

    iv. For the avoidance of doubt, the Promotion is not available for Access, Private, or Deep Fish Swimming Lessons or any other program or non-program membership.

    (2) The Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other offers, unless approved in writing by YMCA.

    (3) Offer non-transferable and not redeemable for cash.

    (3) By participating in the Promotion, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

    (4) The Promotion is available at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre between the dates of 16 January to 31 January 2023 (Promotion Period).


    (5) If you meet the criteria set out in clauses 1(a), you will receive your first two Swimming Lessons free at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre.

    a. You must complete Your Swimming Lessons Membership Contract agreement on or prior to Your first lesson date.

                   b. The two weeks free will be recognised on your account prior to your first direct debit

    (6) All other applicable fees and charges in respect of the membership will be payable in accordance with the applicable membership terms. Your membership will otherwise be governed by such membership terms.

    (7) The Promotion is only available at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre

    (8) The Promotion can only be used for the first two lessons following the date of enrolment. If these lesson is missed, it will be forfeited.


    YMCA handles all personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy at


    (9) YMCA reserves the right to amend, cease and / or revoke the Promotion prior to the end of the Promotion Period in its sole discretion and without notice.

    (10) To the extent permitted by law, YMCA will not be liable to any person for any cost, loss, damage, liability, expense or claim arising, whether directly or indirectly, in connection with the Promotion.

    (11) Any dispute or situation not covered by these terms, will be resolved by YMCA management in a manner it deems to be fair (acting reasonably).

    (12) Members and Participants will be bound by their terms of membership with YMCA. To the extent of any inconsistency between the terms of membership and these Terms, these Terms will take priority.