Program Pool Access Change Room Notice

Maintenance in the access change room near the program pool is scheduled on 4/12/2023, starting around midday. The bed will be temporarily unavailable. If you need a change room bed, we suggest considering an alternative day or be mindful that the expected time is estimated and may change. An alternative hoist is available. Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

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Sessions are held in the Toddler Pool which provides a calm, shallow water based environment allowing babies to explore, connect and even do tummy time.

The water, which deepest point approximately reaches an adult's waist, is a great environment for this sensory experience to take place.

Our carefully researched and sourced sensory equipment optimises our dedicated pool space. Everything you see, hear and touch will contribute to a unique enhanced sensory experience.

Suitable for babies and toddlers aged 8 weeks to 3 years.

Cost (1 Parent, 1 Child):

  • Casuals: $13
  • Gym and Swim Members: FREE (please bring membership card/wristband on the day).
  • Swimming Lesson Members: FREE for Starfish, Minnow and Periwinkle levels (please bring membership card/wristband on the day).


Online pre-bookings are essential. Bookings are for 1 parent and 1 child.

Bookings are created via the online customer portal.

Information on how to log in or create an account how to book are available below.

Frequently asked questions are also available below. Can't find what you're looking for? Enquire below if you need further assistance or information about the program

Dates, times and themes:

Aqua Sensory Play does not operate during school holidays.

Term 1 (Monday 30 January – Friday 14 April) – 'Summer at the Beach'
Term 2 (Monday 1 May – Friday 7 July) – 'Transport'
Term 3 (Monday 24 July – Friday 29 September) – 'Winter Wonderland'
Term 4 (Monday 16 October – Friday 15 December) – 'Springtime'

Seal pups
8 weeks - 6 months
9.30am -10.00am
10.00am - 10.30am
Polar bear cubs
6 - 12 months
10.30am - 11.00am

Penguin chicks 12 months - 3 years
(Polar bear 6 - 12 months welcome)

11.00am -11.30am

Class size:

maximum of 8 children per class.

  • How to create an account, log in and book

    Creating an account

    If you haven’t visited us before, or do not have an existing account with us, please visit the online customer portal. Select 'Join or book now' and follow the prompts to complete your (the parent/guardian) details.

    Not sure if you have an account?

    1. Visit the online customer portal
    2. Select 'Forgot password'. A new page will load
    3. Type in your email
    4. Select 'Submit'
    5. If you have an account, you will receive a email to reset your password.
    6. If you do not have an account, a message will load stating 'Email address not found'.
    7. If your email address was not found this means there is no associated account to the email you entered. Existing members or multi-visit pass holders should contact the Centre to check their email address, if this occurs.
    8. If you are neither a member or multi-visit pass holder, please proceed back to the login screen and select 'Join or book now' and follow the prompts.

    How to book

    Existing Gym & Swim members, Swimming Lessons Members, Multi Visit pass holders or those that have already created an online account will not need to create an online customer portal account. However, you may need to add a child if you haven't already.

    If the child is already in Swimming Lessons, or if you have already added the child, please skip to step 2.

    1. Add a child
      • Navigate to 'My Accounts'
      • Navigate to 'Friends and family'
      • Select 'Add family member'
      • Select 'Casual bookings'
      • Select 'Next'
      • Select 'Create a Free Guest Account'
      • Select 'Next'
      • Complete the child's details
      • Select 'Next'
    2. Book
      • Navigate to 'Book'
      • Navigate to 'Aqua Sensory / Creche'
      • From the 'Facility Type' drop-down, select 'Aqua Sensory Play'
      • From the 'Facility' drop down menu select the group you are looking to book
        • Seal pups = 8 weeks - 6 months
        • Polar bear cubs = 6 - 12 months
        • Penguin chicks = 12 - 3 years (Polar bear cubs are welcome in this session)
      • Select the date you are interested in
      • Select 'book now' in the time you are interested in
      • In the pop-up window select the child you are looking to book.

  • Conditions and Cancellation Policy
    • Aqua Sensory welcomes babies 8 weeks to 2 years.
    • The water temperature of the Toddler Pool is approximately 32 degrees Celcius. It is recommended that parents/guardians with babies under 12 months of age, limit water activity to pool water heated to approximately 32 degrees Celcius. The ambient air temperature should be similar.
    • As soon as your baby starts to shiver, get them out of the pool and wrap them up warmly. Babies lose heat more quickly than adults, so they shouldn't stay in the pool for too long. Start off with sessions of 10 minutes and build up to 20 minutes. If your baby is under a year old, limit your time in the water to 30 minutes maximum, which is the duration of an Aqua Sensory Play session.
    • If your baby has a bad cold or a fever, or seems unwell, don't go swimming. No one should swim with symptoms of a tummy bug, and babies, toddler and adults who are unwell should stay out of the pool.
    • If your baby has a skin complaint, check with your GP to make sure that the chlorine won't irritate them. It is good practice to shower after being in chlorinated water.
    • Please read and follow our Centre Conditions of Entry.

    Cancellation Policy:

    • If you have made a booking and no longer plan to attend, please ensure you cancel to allow someone else who is interested in attending to take you place.
      • Casuals: Cancellations made no later than 30-minutes before your booking will result in a credit being added to your online customer account.
      • Credits can be found by navigating to 'Shop' and then 'My purchases'.
      • Bookings cannot be cancelled after your booking or less than 30-minutes prior and are not allocated a credit.

  • How old must my child be before starting Aqua Sensory Play sessions.
    We recommend you start Aqua Sensory Play after your baby is 8 weeks old.

  • How long can my baby stay in the pool water?
    Our Toddler Pool is heated to approximately 32 degrees Celsius. Based on a pool temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, babies under 1 year of age should not be in pool water for more than 30 minutes per session.

  • What is the optimum pool water temperature for my baby?
    The Toddler Pool is heated to approximately 32 degrees Celsius which is an optimum pool temperature for you child's comfort. The indoor nature of the pool also provides a similar ambient air temperature to minimise sudden temperature changes.
  • Is pool water safe for my baby?
    All of our pools are cleaned using the Chlorine, Perlite and UV Neptune Benson filtration system. This system is proven to remove more bacteria than chlorine pools, making our water healthier for your children. If your baby has a skin complaint, check with your GP to make sure that the chlorine won't irritate. Always rinse the chlorinated water off your baby after swimming. Apply a moisturiser or emollient all over Baby's skin half an hour before swimming and then again afterwards, especially if Baby has dry skin or eczema.

  • What session should I join?

    Although we provide age guidance, every child’s development journey is different. If you are unsure please select the earlier age group level. Our instructors will be happy to help you determine if it is the appropriate class for your child at the end of the session.

    Seal Pups - 8 weeks to 6 months
    Just like seal pups, babies in this group are starting to move and doing tummy time.
    Polar Bear Cubs - 6 months to 12 months
    Babies in this group use all four limbs to move while crawling - just like a polar bear cub!
    Penguin Chicks - 12 months to 24 months
    Children in this age group can be standing and starting to walk with movement like a penguin chick..

  • What should we wear
    SA Aquatic Centre & Leisure Centre only require all children attending Aqua Sensory are wearing an aquatic swimming nappy at all times in the pool. Everything else is up to you. In the warmer months your child may prefer swimming in just a nappy which allows skin to skin contact and maximum sensation. In the cooler months you may prefer to put your child in an appropriate swim suit.
    Parents and guardians must go in the water with the child and can wear anything they feel comfortable in. You will be submerged in water up to just above the knee but could get splashed all over.
  • What should we bring?
    If your baby is new to the pool we suggest you may need to leave the pool and sit on the side for a short intermission. Your child may also need feeding mid session. We therefore recommend you bring extra towels to ensure when the session is finished they have a nice dry towel available. As you children will feel the temperature change quickly please bring a change of clothes for them and you and a new nappy.

  • Can I bring my pram or push chair?
    Space is available on the side of the pool for pushchairs and prams. Please ensure you do not obstruct doors or evacuation routes or block pool deck travel routes.

  • Do you have change tables?
    The SA Aquatic Centre has a Family Change Village which provides change tables within cubicles and a central changing island. Our accessible/family change rooms also have change tables.

  • Do members have free access?
    Periwinkle and Starfish levels enroled in Swimming Lessons at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre have free access to Aqua Sensory Play sessions. All other Swimming Lessons levels and Gym & Swim Members can access the classes for a reduced price.

  • Watch Around Water policy

    At YMCA Victoria we are a Watch Around Water endorsed aquatic safety organisation. The following information is the new watch around water policy launched in centre from 1 September 2019.

    Watch Around Water is a set of industry guidelines outlining the minimum supervision requirements of young children at all affiliated aquatic venues.

    Children under 5 years old

    All children MUST be accompanied into the centre by a person over the age of 18 and supervised within arms’ reach, at all times in the water.

    All children MUST wear a pink wristband supplied by YMCA staff to help identify their age while swimming.

    Children will not be admitted without a full fee paying parent/guardian who must also be in the water at all times. Groups will not be admitted entry where the number of parents/guardians supervising a group of children under 5 years exceeds the ratio of 1:2 (effective 1 September 2019).

    Children under 10 years old

    All children under the age of 10 MUST be accompanied into the centre by a person over the age of 18. All children MUST be actively supervised by an adult over the age of 18 at all times. The adult must have a clear and active view of the child with no physical or structural barriers between them (this includes tech and devices).

    All children MUST wear a yellow wristband supplied by YMCA staff to help identify their age while swimming. Groups will not be admitted entry where the number of parents/guardians supervising a group of children under 10 years exceeds the ratio of 1:4.

    Birthday parties

    All children under the age of 10 MUST be accompanied into the centre by a person over the age of 18 and handed over to the supervision of the birthday party leader (staff member).

    All birthday party participants must wear a BLUE wristband AND an age based wristband (pink or yellow) to identify their participation in a party (effective 1 September 2019). The adult guardian of the birthday party child MUST remain accessible and actively supervise the group at all times.

    At the conclusion of the birthday party the child/children will remain in the supervision of the birthday party leader and supervising parent until physically handed over to their supervising parent/guardian.

    Visit the watch around water website

    For more information visit the Watch Around Water website.


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