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Offering a corporate membership to your employees is the first step in reducing absenteeism and stress, while increasing employee energy, morale and self-esteem.

Corporate members save on our full fee membership and includes access to the gym, group fitness classes, pools, personal program, reassessments and so much more.

We can tailor our corporate memberships to your organisation or business. Contact us on (08) 8198 0198 for more information, or fill in the enquiry form on this page and one of our friendly customer service team will be in touch soon.

Getting started

To get started please book an appointment or enquiry with one of our Membership Services team by completing the orange enquiry form on this page. Alternatively please call us on (08) 8198 0198. We recommend making an appointment to avoid extended waiting times when meeting with our Membership Service Officers. 

Facilities and classes

Members will enjoy access to:

  • Fully equipped gym
  • Group fitness classes - including Les Mills programs, yoga, Pilates and aquatic classes. Bookings are essential. Please visit the Group Fitness Timetable page for times and to book
  • Lap Swimming in the 50 metre and 25 metre pools. Bookings are essential. Check the Lap Swimming page for times and to book
  • Rehab and Hydro Pool - Lap Swimming or Rehabilitation Swimming. Bookings are essential. Check the Rehab and Hydro Swimming page for times and to book
  • Access to FitDesk online program, fitness tracking, support and points award system, awarding you prizes in club
  • Personal Program including a full induction process and access to ongoing tailored programming with our qualified trainers.

Personal Program

One of the many benefits to becoming a Gym & Swim Member at SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre is a FREE Personal Program and regular one-on-one reassessments to review your progress. Your one-on-one reassessments are unlimited for the entire duration of your membership. Your Personal Program includes:

  • One-on-one consultation and goals session with a qualified trainer to discuss your fitness journey goals and milestones.
  • Full fitness program tailored to your fitness goals
  • Access to GreeneDesk, our online Fitness Rewards program
  • Measurement of your current health and fitness levels to benchmark your improvements during one-on-one reassessments.

You can book your Personal Program appointments in person at the gym or at reception.

Seminars, events and online health & fitness platform.

Other benefits

  • Discounts on personal training


Want to know more? New members enquire here. Returning Members enquire here

  • Age requirements and High School Memberships

    High School Memberships will need to provide a valid high school identification card at their appointment.

    Under 12 years:

    Not permitted to use the gym or participate in group fitness.

    12 to 16 years:

    Must complete a Personal Program (induction) with a qualified trainers before using the Gym. A parent/guardian will need to attend this session.

    17 years and older:

    No introductory session is required, but it is recommended for guidance and safety.

    Under 18:

    A parent or guardian will need to attend the joining appointment to co-sign the paperwork. 

  • Ways to join

    Join online

    The detailed guide to joining online is available below.

    1. Select your membership of interest - follow the list of available options
    2. Once you have selected your membership, please register your details and complete the membership agreement.

    Family Memberships, High School Memberships and Corporate Memberships are not available online

    Book an appointment online

    1. Select your membership of interest - follow the list of available options
    2. Once you have found your membership, request to book an appointment online by completing the online form at the bottom of the page.

    High School Memberships will need to provide a valid high school identification card at their appointment and bring along a parent or guardian to co-sign the paperwork if they are under 16.


    We recommend pre-booking a time to avoid extended waiting times for the next available appointment, however walk-ins are welcome.

    Visit the Centre to meet with a Membership Services Officer who will provide information on your membership options, the facilities and get you started.

    Call us to book

    Alternatively, please call us on (08) 8198 0198 and we will book you in for an appointment. 

  • Paying Membership Fees

    Pay fortnightly, by direct debit

    Memberships are paid fortnightly by direct debit. You can pay from any of your accounts that allow direct debit, including a credit card account (Visa or MasterCard only).

    Debits are made every second Thursday (or the following business day if it's a public holiday).Please ensure you have the direct debit funds in your account by 12pm (ACST) the day before the direct debit. It may take a few days for the debit to show on your account.

    Your obligations with direct debit

    You must ensure that you:

    • have enough money in your account on the direct debit date, and up to 5 days after
    • make any changes to your direct debit details at least 72 hours before a payment is due.
      • We are unable to process any payment detail changes made:
        • after 12pm the Wednesday before the direct debit via the online customer portal,
        • after 5pm the Wednesday before the direct debit for in-centre requests.
    • for suspensions and cancellations, please refer to "Suspending and Cancelling Memberships" below

    Payment failures

    If your direct debit fails we will:

    • notify you by SMS, email or post - so make sure you keep your contact details up to date
    • charge a $15 administration fee
    • ask you to pay the outstanding amount at your next visit to the centre, or add it to your next direct debt.

    Rejected amounts are automatically added to your next direct debit on a first occasion. Rejections following an initial unresolved rejection will result in being denied membership access with payment required at reception before membership entry is reinstated.

    We will continue to debit your account for any amounts outstanding, after making reasonable efforts to contact you.

    Loss of membership card or wristband

    If a member loses their membership card or wristband they can buy a new card at the front desk for $8.00.

    Direct Debit Dates

    2024 Direct Debit Dates

  • Suspending or Cancelling Memberships

    Suspending your membership

    You can suspend your membership for a minimum of two weeks, and up to 26 weeks. To do this you must either:

    1. Visit the online portal
      • Go to Account > Contract details
      • Select your contract you wish to suspend
      • Select Suspend Contract
      • Select your Suspension option
      • Complete your suspension start, return date and reason and select confirm.
    2. fill out an amendment form at the Centre 

    Your suspension must be lodged at least three business days before the start of your suspension.

    Suspending is up to 28 days free and then 0.71 cents per day*

    *Terms and conditions apply

    Medical suspensions

    To suspend your membership on medical grounds, you must provide a valid medical certificate covering the relevant dates. We cannot backdate a medical suspension beyond one month.

    You will not pay any fees during a medical suspension.

    To request a medical suspension, please visit the Centre with your medical certificate, and complete an amendment form.

    Cancelling your membership

    Cancelling a Periodical Gym & Swim Membership: You must give us 14 days' notice when filling out a cancellation form in centre. You must pay all outstanding fees before you can cancel. Credits on your account are not refundable.

    Cancelling a Fixed Term Gym & Swim Membership: You must give us notice in writing when filling out a cancellation form in centre. You must pay all outstanding fees, plus your exit fee if you are cancelling prior to your contract end date before you can cancel. Credits on your account are not refundable.

    We recommend you contact your bank to confirm the cancellation of direct debit membership payments.

    You must visit the Centre and complete a cancellation form to request a cancellation. Cancellation requests are not valid unless a cancellation form has been completed and confirmed via our finance team.

  • Updating your personal details

    Updating your details

    Most of your personal details can be updated via the online customer portal. For email and name changes please visit the Centre to update.

    It is important to keep your details updated, so that you receive any important correspondence from our team regarding your membership.