The key to staying motivated is finding something you enjoy, which is why we offer a huge range of classes for all ages and fitness levels at SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre.

We hold approximately 150 classes every week in our group fitness studios, gym floor, and  pools. Classes are of varying length and intensity, meaning there is something for everyone and every body.

Class Characteristics

Each class has characteristics including, strength, cardio, wellbeing, tone and flexibility/mobility. To help you choose a group fitness class aligned to your goals, use the following indicators as a guide for what class to try. The characteristics are listed in each class description by focus priority.

Class Descriptions

  • Aqua
    Aqua (C) (T)
    From the basic stage for beginners, to the highly advanced stage for experts there are a variety of programs, involving the use of upper & lower body. The goal of Aqua is to augment the cardiovascular conditioning. The resistance of water gives strength & flexibility, leading to better muscular endurance & balance.
    Aqua Bootcamp (C) (T) Bootcamp in the water! A fun, but tough water workout to strengthen & tone.
    Aqua Bumps (C) (T) This class is specifically designed to promote a strong, healthy body where your baby can develop & to prepare you for birth or help the body in the recovery from birth. Suitable for all fitness levels (with your doctor’s consent).
    Aqua Conditioning (C) (T) Floatation, fun & fitness, this class with take your aqua workout to the next level. The combination of being suspended in the water along with simple moves combine to give you a good work out. Suitable for all levels & abilities.
    Aqua HIIT (C) (T) Using A 60-minute workout which consists of short, high intensity bursts of exercises, followed by active recovery. HIIT Training in the water generates cardio.
    Aqua Tone (C) (T) This workout will target legs, abs & upper body burning fat with the use of aquatic equipment (eg. noodles & dumbbells) that add extra resistance in the water.
    AQUA ZUMBA (C) (T) The same as Zumba but in water! It is as fun as it sounds. Splashing, singing, laughing and fun so you are sure to leave with a smile on your face.
    Deep Water Running (C) (T) Deep water running is impact-free training that avoids the strain placed on your body by your feet hitting the ground. Submerged in the water you will have resistance on all sides. This forces opposing muscles to work equally. As you move your arms and legs against the resistance of the water you will get a great cardiovascular, as well as, strength training workout.
    Kick, Splash, Jab (C) (T) Kick, Splash and Jab your way in this high energy water class, that combines traditional boxing moves and high intensity interval training. This will increase fitness, strengthen the core, improve endurance and burn calories.
    Stroke Correction (C) A 60 minute swim technique and correction class. Improve your stroke and become more efficient in the water. Suitable for all ages and levels.
    Tabata Gymstick (C) (T) Using the waters resistance & resistive exercise bands, Tabata Gymstick will provide a high intensity interval training cardio workout that also targets muscular strength & endurance. It is also a great core muscle engaging workout that will tone & define every muscle in your body.
  • Freestyle
    Bodyweight Conditioning (C) (T) Conditioning class that incorporates your body weight for a full range of exercises including push-ups, sit ups, squats, lunges sprints & jumps.
    Box Fit (C ) (T) Boxing, HIIT and functional training, suitable to all fitness levels, you’ll improve your strength, burn fat, with this total body cardio workout. BYO Gloves
    Boxing (C) A group training class where you will learn safe boxing & pad work techniques whilst experiencing a total body & cardio workout. Classes are varied & aimed at making boxing enjoyable. BYO Gloves.
    Butts, Thighs & Tummies (T) Combinations of free-weight exercises and bands to attack the midsection of the body, whilst targeting those problem areas the hips, thighs & buttocks.
    EPIC 45 (C) (T) Functional training sessions that aims to maximise your effort level over an extended 45-minute duration. Push your limits using a mixture of weights, body weight and cardio exercises. EPIC45 will have you burning fat, building lean muscle and will take your fitness and strength to a new level. Get ready for an epic workout.
    HIIT (C) (T) Small group functional training sessions located in THE ZONE. The class aims to maximise your effort level within a short period of time eg 30-60 seconds then brings your effort level back down to a recovery effort. 8 people maximum per class. Participants must be 16 years and older to attend HIIT. 
    HIIT Strength (S) (C) HIIT training, based around weights and resistance training. Circuit based; using barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls and some bodyweight exercises.
    Kettlebell Fundamentals (S) (C) Kettlebell Fundamentals is a class for those with different levels of experience with Kettlebells. Come along and learn basic moves, new moves and complex moves for the advanced Kettlebell user. This class will challenge your core, strengthen your glutes and hamstrings along with improving overall posture.
    Low Intensity Pump (T) (S)
    A 45 minute complete all over strength workout. Low intensity and suitable for all ages and fitness levels.
    Mature Movers (T) (S) A light paced class using hand weights and barbells designed to strengthen and tone participants, mixed with gentle cardio to lift the heart rate with everyone able to work at their own level. It’s fun and very social. 
    Schwinn (C) Experience a unique workout that simulates the real-life cycling feel of an outdoor bike in a controlled, hard-pedalling indoor environment. Adjust resistance levels in continuous increments and you’ll burn calories while feeling like you’re riding through rolling hills.
    Spin (C) These freestyle spin classes are set to test your fitness using Intervals, power climbs and other means. These classes will push you to new limits every time.
    Stretch & Flex (F) Combinations of body weight movements, focusing on posture, strength, and flexibility.  Flexibility is such an important area of training to keep your muscles functioning correctly and minimise injuries.  Come and unwind with a great class.
    Strength 101 (S) Learn how to squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, rotate and brace in a safe and enjoyable environment while lifting heavy weights.
    Strength Technique & Conditioning (S) (C)
    A class designed to learn and be critiqued on strength and power exercises before joining them together in a conditioning style workout.
    Strength & Tone (T) (C) (F)
    This strength and fitness workout combines a range of exercises using barbells, steps and your own bodyweight. This fun class has a technique focus.
    Strength & Tone Express (T)  This class is a combination of bodyweight and resistance band exercises, focusing on those key areas of biceps, triceps, back, chest and shoulders. Strength & Tone Express is a fun and technique-based class that will be an enjoyable experience.
    Ultimate 60 (C) (T) Held in the Outdoor Grass Area, Ultimate 60 is a functional interval training class focused on building strength and fitness. Suitable for all levels.
    Zumba (C) Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves.  Zumba routines incorporate intermittent training, alternating fast and slow rhythms and resistance training.
  • Les Mills
    BodyBalance (W) (F)  Controlled breathing and concentration, Combines Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi to create a holistic workout that brings the body and mind into a state of harmony and balance.
    BodyCombat (C)
    This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts & draws from a wide array of disciplines such as Karate, Boxing, Taekwondo, Tai Chi & Muay Thai Supported by driving music, strike, punch, kick & kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.
    BodyPump (T) (S)
    Challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts & curls. Great music & your choice of weight to inspire you to get the results you came for!
    BodyStep (C)
    Using a height-adjustable step with movements on, over & around the step you get huge motivation from both music & instructors. Cardio blocks push fat-burning systems into high gear followed by muscle-conditioning tracks that shape & tone your body.
    CXWorx (T)
    Based on cutting-edge scientific research, this program is the ultimate way to get a tight, toned core. Dynamic training hones in on your abs, glutes, back, obliques, and “slings” connecting the upper/lower body. This workout will leave you looking good & feeling strong!
    RPM (C)
    Take on the terrain with your inspiring team coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, speed work and interval training. Discover your athlete within – cycle, sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high.
    Sh’Bam (C) Set to a soundtrack of chart-topping popular hits, dance music that is heard in the hottest nightclubs around the world, familiar classics  remixed and modernized Latin beats, Sh’Bam is the ultimate fun and sociable way to exercise.
  • Wellness
    Abs & Booty Pilates (F) (T) Wake up the right way with this posture focused full body workout allowing you to truly work those abs and booty. Burn calories and feel your body become stronger and tighter!
    Dru Yoga (W) (F) Suitable for all fitness levels and abilities, the general Dru Yoga session moves participants through this graceful form of yoga based on soft flowing movements, directed breathing and visualisation. Dru Yoga works on body, mind and spirit and may assist participants to improve strength, flexibility and core stability all while deeply relaxing and rejuvenating their whole being.
    Dru Yoga Gentle (W) (F) The same elements, Dru Yoga Gentle is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities, this gentle Dru Yoga session aims to support participants to find their own level of comfort and strength within sequences and postures.
    Hatha Yoga (F) (T) (W) A slow-paced, gentle style of Yoga that is good for any level. It will help relieve stress and leave you feeling strong and re-energised.
    Mindful BLISS (W) Our Mindful Bliss session allows participants to relax, recharge & refocus, using the principles of mindfulness & breath work, enhancing body, mind & soul for clarity and wellbeing. 
    Mindful Movement (W) (F) Incorporating Yoga, relaxation, breath and mindfulness techniques to help you step away from “the busyness of doing” and find more peaceful, calmer life balance.  A herbal tea is offered at the completion of each session.  Please bring a blanket (towel) and warmer clothes for the relaxation.
    Moments of Stillness (W) Yoga, relaxation, meditation and mindfulness practices to gently guide you into stillness and deep relaxation.  A herbal tea is offered at the completion of each session.  Please bring a blanket (towel) and warmer clothes for the relaxation.
    Pilates (F) (T) Pilates focuses on control and on engaging the deeper abdominal muscles that protect the lower back. Many of the moves additionally concentrate the mind by using balance and co-origination challenges.
    Reformers Beginners (F) (T) 
    Using spring-loaded resistance on a Reformer bed, this class provides the fundamentals of Reformer Pilates to provide a whole-body workout. Suitable for those that are new to Reformer Pilates or those who wish to refine their practice. Small group classes. Max 5 per class.
    Raja Yoga (W) (F) A balance of stretching and strengthening postures that aim to leave you feeling strong, centred and re-energised, while improving posture, alignment and relieving tension and stress.
    Sun Salutation (F) (W) Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, is a series of yoga postures that is performed with breath awareness in a sequence to create a flow. The repetition of the sequence creates the practise which warms, strengthens, and aligns the entire body.
    Yoga (W) (F) (T) A flowing practice connecting breath and movement. Designed to increase strength, endurance, and flexibility. Options provided for beginner and intermediate levels.
    Yoga for Stress Relief (W) (F) This gentle yoga session have been put together using postures, breathing and meditation practices, that will help relieve stress at physical, mental and emotional level. Pregnancy welcome.
  • Group Fitness Guidelines
    • Please arrive early to classes, late entry is not permitted
    • Be prepared with your workout gear, towel and water bottle. Gym mats are provided, boxing gloves are not supplied. 
    • Be respectful and supportive of your fellow participants and our talented instructors
    • Be upfront with your instructor about any physical limitations or injuries you may have, especially if you're pregnant
    • Let the instructor know if it’s your first time in a fitness class
    • The minimum age to attend group fitness is 13 years old
    • The minimum age to attend HIIT, HIIT Strength, Epic 45, Ultimate 60, BodyPump, Kettlebell Express, Strength & Tone, Strength Technique & Conditioning classes is 16 years old
    • If you need to leave early, do so in a way that won’t impact others or the flow of the class
    • If you are pressed for time, 60 minute classes at 6:00am have provision for you to leave at 6:45am
    • Please put your equipment away after the class
  • How to Join a Group Fitness Class
    Members and non-members are welcome to join our classes.
    • Collect a ticket from customer service, or the Group Fitness Kiosks
    • Ticket collection opens 45 minutes prior to the class start time and closes at the time of when the class starts
    • One ticket per person, per class, until all tickets are allocated
    • Be sure to hand you ticket to the instructor before the class starts
  • Group Fitness Class Prices
    Members All Group Fitness Classes are included
    Non-members - Centre pass $20.00

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