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  • Yoga for Back Care and Wellness | 6-week small group program

    Next program starts 13 September 2022

    Based on the Dru Yoga for back care and wellness principles, these small group sessions will run over a dedicated six-week block and will introduce you to easy to do gentle yoga sequences and postures, soft flowing movements, comfortable stretches and strengthening postures all designed to bring ease and comfort into tight muscles and the supportive structures for the spine. Suitable for long time sufferers of back discomfort, who are not in the acute phase of back pain.

    To achieve the most from these small group sessions, you will need to be in a position to commit to attending all six weeks of the scheduled block. A registration process will be completed whereby, after consultation with the instructor, we may invite you to seek medical advice prior to joining to determine if this is right for you, especially if you suffer from undiagnosed sciatica systems or numbness in your lower limbs or groin area.

    Session times: 
    Tuesday, 9:15am – 10.15am

    Registrations open soon. Register by Tuesday 6 September 2022

    Join us:

    Members ($90 for six-weeks)


    Non-members ($190 for six-weeks)


We are one of the largest and most comprehensive health and fitness facilities in Adelaide and have a range of equipment to cater for all fitness levels and enough machines to keep you working, not waiting.

Gym Visits are available to members, casuals and fitness passport holders.

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