This page is NOT for Lap Swimming. For shallow water Lap Swimming please visit the lap swimming page.

Lap Swimming

What is Rehabilitation Swimming?

Rehabilitation swimming refers to treatments and exercises performed in water for physical rehabilitation and other therapeutic benefit.

Rehabilitation swimming is available in the shallow 25m Rehab & Hydro pool situated in the leisure area. This pool is heated to approximately 32°C and includes an access ramp.

Rehabilitation lanes are generally wider that normal lap swimming lanes. If you prefer a regular lane for lap swimming in shallow or deep water, please visit the Lap Swimming Page (online bookings essential).

Your Rehabilitation Swim commences on the hour. We request that you leave the water prior to the start time of the next session. There is no carry-over into the next session. Please read our terms and conditions below before you make a booking.

Rehabilitation Swimming, as a service, is for individual use only. If you are a Physiotherapy service provider or a Community Access Group, please use the enquiry form on this page to arrange a different type of booking in the Rehab & Hydro pool.

For standard Rehabilitation Swimming operating times please see Opening Hours.

Shallow water Rehabilitation Swimming - 25m

Wider lanes suitable for performing for rehabilitation exercises and walking. Not suitable for Lap SwimmingShallow water Rehabilitation Swimming is available in the 25m Rehab & Hydro Pool. Shallow water pools are heated to approximately 32°C.

  • Rehabilitation Swimming Terms and Conditions

    Please read the following terms and conditions before you make a Rehabilitation Swimming booking.

    Booking policy

    1. You can book in under the following categories:

    a. Active Member: For those that hold a valid active Gym & Swim membership at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre. Included in active membership and will not display a cost on booking. Members must swipe their card or wristband at the gates to access the Centre.

    b. Swim Pass Holders: for individuals that have visits remaining on their active Multi-Visit swim pass to the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre. Multi-Visit Swim Pass bookings with visits on their pass will have one visit, per booking deducted from their existing pass

    c. Casual Visitors: Per-use booking. Casual visitors/suspended members are required to first check-in at the Front Desk.

    d. Concession Casual: Pay per-use booking for those who possess a concession/senior’s card. Casual visitors/suspended members are required to first check-in at the Front Desk. Concession bookings must bring their concession/seniors card to the Front Desk.

    2. Pre-bookings are required.

    3. Refunds and cancellations are not available. Your booking time can be changed via the confirmation email's "manage booking" option.

    4. We recommend each individual makes a booking for no more than one session per day to maximum of 3 bookings per week. This is to allow many people in our community to access the Centre.

    5. We recommend booking no earlier than 48 hours prior to the session commencing. Bookings can be made anytime for the next available time frame.

    6. “Multi Visit Swim Pass Holders” will be deducted for “no-shows”.


    7. Patrons are to bring own water bottles. No other food or drink is permitted into the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre

    8. For contact tracing purposes and for traffic flow and social distancing purposes visitors and members, who are attending the centre for Rehabilitation Swimming, must pre-book their swim, providing their contact details upon booking. Members and Multi-visit pass holders must also bring their access card or wristband to scan at the Centre on entry. If required, replacement cards and wristbands are available at the front desk for $8.

    9. The following services are currently not available:

    a. Crèche

    Social distancing, safety, health and hygiene

    10. The patron is responsible for adhering to social distancing, health and hygiene guidelines:

    a. Always keep a 1.5 metre distance between yourself and others. Rehabilitation lanes are shared with a capacity of 22.

    b. Adhere to assigned entry and exit points

    c. Shower before entering the pools

    d. Stay home, do not attend your booked session and seek testing if you have the following symptoms:

    i. Cough

    ii. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    iii. Fever

    iv. Unexplained loss of smell or altered sense of taste

    v. Chills and body aches or muscle pain

    vi. A sore throat

    vii. Headaches

    viii. Runny nose

    ix. Diarrhoea

    e. Wash your hands often and cover coughs and sneezes

    11. Swimmers can be accompanied by one carer who is not swimming. There is an allocated seating area on pool deck for caregivers. Under The South Australian Carers Recognition Act 2005 a carer is defined as the following:

    (1) a person is a carer for the purposes of this Act if he or she is a natural person who provides ongoing care or assistance to—

    (a) a person who has a disability within the meaning of the Disability Inclusion Act 2018; or

    (b) a person who has a chronic illness, including a mental illness within the meaning of the Mental Health Act 1993; or

    (c) a person who, because of frailty, requires assistance with the carrying out of everyday tasks; or

    (d) a person of a class prescribed by regulation.

    12. As per the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre’s Supervision Policy. Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Swimmers under 10 years of age can be accompanied by one parent who is not swimming. There is an allocated seating area on pool deck for supervising parents/guardian. Please note that for children 10 years and older who are competent swimmers in 3 metre deep water, a parent is not required to be present in the Centre.

    13.The patron must adhere to the standard Conditions of Entry to the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre (view them here)

    14. Vulnerable and elderly people with chronic health conditions should speak to their doctor about what is appropriate for them

    Rehabilitation Swimming Procedures

    15. Please arrive at the Centre entry 5 minutes prior to your session commencing.

    16. Do not enter the water until your pre-booked time.

    17. The one-hour booking consists of one hour in the facility, commencing on the hour. Lifeguards will provide instructions when it is time to exit the pool, prepare to exit the Centre and collect your belongings. Patrons must depart the centre prior to the next hour commencing.

    18. Late arrivals must swim within their booking hour and cannot carry over into the next hour.

    Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions of entry may result in restrictions for further bookings.


Rehabilitation swimming options

  • Gym & Swim Memberships – Book online. Included in active membership and will not display a cost on booking.
  • Casual – Purchase and book online for $9, per booking. Casual users are required to first check-in at the Front Desk.
  • Concession Casual – Purchase and book online for $7, per booking. Casual users are required to first check-in at the Front Desk.
  • Swim Pass Holders – Purchase at Front Desk. Book online. Will not display a cost on booking. One visit, per booking will be deducted from Multi Visit Swim Pass. 20 Visit Multi Visit Swim Passes are available from the front desk for $120 concession. $150 adult

Safety is everybody's responsibility

During this COVID-19 period we do not accept walk ins for new membership sign ups or enquiries. We prefer pre-arranged appointments to ensure we abide by State Government regulations including contact tracing and social distancing. To make an appointment please call us on (08) 8198 0198 or complete a Gym & Swim Membership enquiry form.