RIPPED is small group training offering that team vibe to take your training to the next level.

RIPPED sessions are of high Intensity that are designed to maximise your ability to lose weight and gain muscle. Please ensure you speak to us if you have any concerns regarding your fitness level. Not suitable for under 16 year olds.

  • ONE class per week
  • Over EIGHT weeks
  • Maximum of SIX people per class

Each RIPPED class will offer you an exercise that is focused in resistance, intensity, power, plyometrics, endurance and development.

Your Progress Tracked

Your progress will be recorded and tracked by our trainers over the eight weeks to provide you feedback with how you are progressing to help you achieve your goals.

The Tribe Vibe

Over the eight weeks you will be training with the same small group. You will get to know the people you are training with to find strength in numbers.


$120 for the 8 week program - equates to just $15 per week

$200 for the 8 week program - equates to just $25 per week

How to book:

Bookings are currently closed for the current RIPPED 8 Week Program. Please stand by for more information coming soon for the next 8 week program

Current sessions - registrations closed
8.15am - 9.15amRIPPED group Awith Martin
5.00pm - 6.00pmRIPPED group Bwith Anthony
6.00pm - 7.00pmRIPPED group Cwith Anthony
No sessions
No sessions
5.00pm - 6.00pmRIPPED group Ewith Anthony
6.00pm - 7.00pmRIPPED group Fwith Anthony
7.15am - 8.15amRIPPED group Gwith Anthony
8.15am - 9.15amRIPPED group Hwith Martin
No sessions
No sessions