The next six-week RIPPED program starts 31 October 2022:

  • ONE class per week
  • Over SIX weeks
  • Maximum of SIX people per class
  • Suitable for ages 16+

Focused Sessions
Strength - these sessions will develop strength and power in lifts such as squats, deadlifts and other compound movements.
Conditioning - these sessions will develop your speed, power, endurance and balance to improve fitness, agility and ability to complete exercises. Both programs are suited to different ages and fitness levels as our trainers focus on individual goals and needs.
Strength for running performance: these sessions will provide you with a strength based program and training to improve your efficiency for your next running event, including the City to Bay in September.

Personalised Sessions
Receive your very own personalised RIPPED program to follow in each session.

Your Progress Tracked
Your progress will be recorded and tracked by our trainers over the six weeks to provide you feedback with how you are progressing to help you achieve your goals.

The Tribe Vibe
Over the six weeks you will be training with the same small group. You will get to know the people you are training with to find strength in numbers.



 $90 for the 6 week program - equates to just $15 per week  $180 for the 6 week program - equates to just $30 per week
Times and Book:

Bookings open soon