What changes are being made to the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) at BSC?

The MPR will be undergoing renovations to convert the room into a dedicated fitness space. The space will include both programmed classes and access to the space for workouts outside of scheduled class times.

What programmed classes will be taking place in the new space?

The timetable is still being refined however a draft schedule of classes can be viewed online here. 

Who can access the space?

All Boroondara Leisure and Aquatic Health & Wellness Members will have access to the space as part of their memberships. Normal restrictions will apply if applicable to your membership (e.g. restricted hours)

Will the space be supervised by BSC staff?

The space will be supervised at all times when classes are operating. Outside of scheduled classes the space will not be supervised at all times, however regular walk throughs will be conducted by various staff and the space will have CCTV monitoring.

When will the new space be available?

At this stage the approximate date of opening will be mid-May 2020 however this is subject to change based on scheduled works being completed and supplier delivery dates.

What happened to all of the activities that were previously in the Multi-Purpose Room?

All activities previously operating out of the MPR have been relocated to other spaces within the Boroondara Sports Complex or were able to secure other venues.