Swimming Lessons Calendar 2020

The Swimming Lessons Calendar is a great way of keeping track with what we have planned for the year. It includes Safety Weeks, days when lessons are not on, semester dates, when the direct debit will occur and more. 

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  • Assessment Dates

    Swimming Lessons run continuously over 48 weeks a year from 13 January to 14 December 2020.

    Level assessments are conducted every six weeks. All students in the program are continually assessed by the Teacher in Charge "TIC" for improvement and readiness to progress to the next level. 

    The TIC will discuss the outcome of each child's assessment either face to face or via an email progress report. 

    Download the Assessment Dates Calendar

  • Handover Policy - supervision of children

    SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre holds the safety of our members and patrons as our top priority. Ensuring constant supervision of children is of upmost importance.

    Families can help us to ensure this by following the below policy for parents / carers:

    • Parents / Carers are expected to be present for the handover of their child at the beginning of swimming class. Then at the end of each swimming class parents / carers are to collect students from their teacher.
    • Students under 10 years are required to have a parent available on deck to supervise children throughout their lesson.

    To ensure the safety of all our students at the beginning and end of every lesson please remember:

    • Children MUST be received and acknowledged by the teacher directly from the parent before entering the water.
    • Collect your child / children in the same location as class commenced. Unless specified by the teacher or TIC on deck.
    • No children will be permitted to leave the class and teacher until the parent /carer or TIC collects them.
    • When a child / children are collected by the TIC on deck the student will be walked to the Swim School Desk. The TIC and Duty Manager will attempt to contact reasonable persons and emergency contacts on the student’s membership.

    We would like to thank you for your continued support in the safety and supervision of Children.

  • Make up lessons & medical suspension

    Consistency is key when it comes to learning and progression. We encourage your child/children to attend their scheduled lesson time. Children develop and progress at a faster and higher rate when attending consistent lessons following a weekly routine.

    We do however understand, that life can be unpredictable. As part of your Membership, every Swimming Lessons student is entitled to a total of 8 make-up lessons per calendar year. Please see our make-up lessons policy, that outlines applicable terms and conditions.

    If a medical certificate is provided for illness or injury, we offer medical suspensions for the dates specified on the certificate.

    How to arrange a medical suspension due to illness or injury

    Medical suspensions are available for students who provide a medical certificate for being unable to attend 1 or more consecutive lessons. Medical suspensions must be arranged at the Centre, by filling out the appropriate form, with a supporting medical certificate covering the relevant dates. Medical suspensions can only be backdated for up to one month.

    What to do if you miss your regular Swimming Lesson for reasons excluding medical

    If you are unable to attend your regular Swimming Lesson, please notify us prior to your lesson commencing. To notify us please complete the Absentee Notification Form and submit.

    How to book a make-up lesson

    Our Teachers in Charge are experts when it comes to booking in a make-up lesson. Please book your make-up lesson at the Swim Desk on pool deck (see map). You can book between the following times:

    Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 12:30pm AND 3:30pm – 7:00pm
    Saturday and Sunday: 8:15am – 12:45pm

    Please note, to provide you with the best service possible with our expert Teachers in Charge, as of January 15th 2018, we will not be taking make-up lesson bookings over the phone. This is to cater to each students’ individual needs - our Swim School Team are the experts in advising you of the best classes for your child to attend.

    The following policy applies for make-up lesson eligibility.

    Make-up lessons policy

    • You are entitled to one make-up lesson per missed lesson, up to a maximum of 8 lessons per calendar year per student. This includes public holidays.
    • A make-up lesson owing must be taken in the same calendar year. All make-up lessons owed not taken in the calendar year will be forfeited.
    • Make-up lessons can only be arranged up to 1 week in advance and once booked cannot be altered and will be forfeited if not attended or cancelled. We recommend you only booking your make-up lesson once you know you will be able to attend.
    • Make-up lessons are forfeited upon cancellation of the Student’s Membership.
    • You must be a current Swimming Lessons Member to be eligible to book in for a make-up lesson.
    • You are not able to book and/or participate in a make-up lesson if your membership is on suspension.

    You can download the Make-up lesson policy here

  • Sports Vouchers
    $100 FREE YMCA Swimming Lesson credit is available through The Sports Vouchers program with the SA government administered by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing!
    Reception to Year 7 are entitled to a $100 Sports Voucher per calendar year. Further details about the initiative can be found on the Sport Vouchers Website.

    How to claim the 2020 sports voucher:

    1. Visit the Sports Voucher Website to download and complete the 2020 Sports Voucher.
    2. Bring your completed voucher into the Centre.
    3. Once approved, the $100 credit will be placed on your family's swimming lesson account within 10-15 business days, and will be automatically used to pay for direct debit payments.

    Criteria for your child’s voucher validity with SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre in 2020:

    • Is already enrolled in YMCA Swimming Lessons at the Centre
    • Is in primary school (prep - year 7)
    • Has not used the 2020 Sport Voucher with another provider
  • Swim Desk - Parent Portal

    Based on each evaluation completed by the Teacher in Charge, a competency summary will be created for you which outlines the key swimming and water safety skills that your child has successfully acquired as well as areas of their skill base that need further development.

    Login to:

    • Track and monitor your child’s progression
    • Understand the requirements to progress to the next level
    • Receive feedback from the Teacher in Charge following assessments


Absentee Notification Form

Will you be away at your next lesson? Please notify us prior to your lesson commencement time by filling out the form below. Please fill out one form per student.

For more information see our Swimming Lessons FAQ page

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